Picking the right entertainment can be a difficult choice. There are a lot of musical options to pick from, and with all the other decisions you have to make about your wedding it can be overwhelming. To help simplify this for you, we offer a variety of options that can accommodate almost any need.


- LIVE CEREMONY MUSIC (Choose guitar or piano from classical pieces to current songs.  You can see some of the choices on our Song List Page, or pick a song you love.)

LIVE MUSIC FOR COCKTAIL HOUR (Pick from either a solo musician playing guitar or piano and singing, or have the duo get your guests warmed up for the reception.)

DJ  (Any of the sections above can also be DJ'd if you prefer. We often DJ the ceremony, play the cocktail hour live, DJ dinner, then DJ for dance music, etc.)

Our niche is a smaller, more affordable full-service musical package. We offer the option of combining live music during ceremony and/or cocktail hour with a full-service DJ package for the reception/dance party portion of your night. 

*A note from Derek as your MC 

A very important part of your wedding day is who you choose to provide entertainment. The biggest thing to consider is not just the level of musical talent and repetoire out there, but finding people you can trust to be professional and make sure that your day goes as planned. 

The first thing I tell people when they start looking for a band or DJ is to ensure that someone will take on the responsibility of being their Master of Ceremonies (MC).  This can single handedly make or break a wedding due to the importance of introductions, first dances, toasts, and any other part of the night where an emphasis is being put on a special event of the evening that requires direction.

Your band or DJ needs to make sure your guests not only enjoy themselves, but also feel comfortable and aware of what's going on at all times. Setting the tone and vibe is extremely important. It can often times be overlooked by less experienced vendors who have a great ability to "play dance music", but don't understand the importance of everything else that makes the occasion a success. 

Another thing is to make sure of is that all your vendors know how to work together. Whether I'm DJing or playing live, I know that I cannot do your introductions or first dance until your photographer is ready and in place to get the shots they need. Making sure I coordinate that with either your wedding planner or the photographer directly is crucial to making sure nothing is missed. Finding the balance between making sure everyone is ready and keeping things moving along (so that your party doesn't run out of time at the end of the night) is a large part of my focus.

These are just a few things to consider in addition to choosing a professional who can work with you on choosing material that's appropriate for each part of your special day. 

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